Friday, April 24, 2009

why I choose my major

I showed interests in figure and calculation since very young. Due to my alert to figure, I usually won No.1 in math or calculation competition in the primary school. Also I often was able to calculate the correct payment faster than cashier when I went shopping with my mom. One time, I was eight years old. I went to the supermarket with my mom. We bought a lot of things, and when we were going to pay for the goods, I stand beside the mom and calculate the price of goods by myself. When the cashier didn’t complete to get total price, I have had answer. I told to the mom and mom was preparing the money to pay for. After the casher told her the price, my mother thought it was the same amount as I told her and she gave her cash at once. My mom found my good capability of accounting and often left some calculation jobs about family expense to me. Therefore, I became “a little accountant” of my mother. Because of my interest in calculation, I got an internship chance of working in the accounting department of my cousin’s company when I studied in the high school. It was the first time for me to access the formal accounting system, leading me has more interests in it. After graduation from the high school, I chose the accounting as my major without any hesitation when I enrolled in the university. I was appealed completely by the field of accounting. What is more important, I found that I really like the major of accounting very much and got good scores with A grades. Of course, there is another reason for my choice. Accounting is good for finding job in my country and a lot of companies being built as result in many companies need accountant. After studying, I found that accounting is not a simple calculation tool as I thought before. It actually includes a lot of complex information of managerial strategies although it related to calculate. For example, advanced accountants need to join in the group of the strategy decision and they assistant the manager to make decision. So, I learned that accounting is an efficient control tool involving very wide management fields, providing information for strategy decisions, company development and so on. Just based on above understanding, I decided to study further about accounting, causing me come to the SIU.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

"couple lung"

When you mention the food, I am interested in it. I always try to new style food that I never eat. Before I travel to anyplace, I always look for the special food in the destination. When I go to the place, I can eat them and enjoy the time because eating is a very import in my trip. The impress thing that I ever ate is “couple lung” in Beijing of China. When I watched this menu, I was very surprised about it. I was very interested in the name and I didn’t know why it is called “couple lung”. I wanted to seek answer from my curiosity and I asked the servicer. I knew the materials were sliced beef and Ox tongue in chilli sauce. In addition, this menu’s name had a story. The servicer said that a couple set up their stand in the street to sell the sliced lung of cow in Chengdu city over the fifty years ago. This product was very popular in Chengdu because of the delicious flavor and refined design. So, people called the product “couple lung”. With the time change, the materials are changing. There are meat, Ox heart, tongue, and tripe. This dish has become classic flavor in Sichuan province and you can find this menu in the restaurant with Sichuan style. After I ate it, I thought it was real delicious. Every time, I go to the restaurant of the Sichuan style, I will order the “couple lung” with friends. It is not only the special name but also the good taste. It is one of my favorite dishes but it is a little spicy for me. I like a lot of course but I don’t know how to cook them. Sometimes, I really want to eat them and I miss them.

Friday, April 10, 2009

What can I leave?

On the gravestone, it is difficult to answer what people can write down for me and what can I leave behind? I have never considered this question and I have no idea about it now. However, I know a lot of people’s bright sign and I learn from them. For example, Confucius devoted us the Analects that influenced our whole society. Zhu Geliang who was a strategist in old times of China was intelligence incarnate. Yue Fei who was a general in Song times devoted his life and loyalty to the country. Qin Shihuang was the first emperor that fought eastward to unify China and left us great wall. Edison had a remarkable aptitude for inventing new things and he gave us the light lamp. There are a lot of examples and they all gave us useful experience and educated us. However, I don't seek if people remember me, and I am not going to let people know me. It doesn’t matter if I leave behind, but it is important how well I live and if I strive to do my work for my dream. In one’s life, people need have a goal and follow their goal no matter the cost and hardships. If even they fail, they acquire the valuable experience. I will continue work hard and come to my dreams although there is sweet and sour. I think normal life style is right way to live and most people live in common. The world consists of a large of commonly people and most of them contribute to the world. Actually, simple and general worker take up a big portion in the world and they real let the world become better and better. A few famous people just give people good experience and theory to guide people to work. In my opinion. I think I need to follow rules to work hard. It is enough that I do anything with conscience. I can help people who need help when I have ability. This is my idea and my answer.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fashion evolution

When I was young, the study is my major job because parents usually think study is a only way to get a good future. However, the time is changing, mastering a specail skill is very important for student to get a good performance in the school or in the future. If you have special skill, it will consummate your resume and get a good impress from the other people because we more and more pursuit inter-disciplinary talent. So, more and more students don't just focus on the study. They go to learn some other skills such as piano, voilin, drawing, dance and so on. Due to the different areas the students contact and learn, the fashion seeking come out and changed with the different period.

With my growing, I experiened a series of fashion storm. When I was in high school, my classmates and I specialy girls like to watch the korea drama. We are interested in talking the plot of the drama get together. Also, we all bought the entertainment magazine of korea stars and share the entertainment news with each other. After one year, a new fashion appear. The Hip-Hop that is a street culture of african dance of New York is very popular in my country. Hip-Hop is very special and very cool for young people because its features like music, dance, tattoo and clothes. At that time, not only adults but also children to learn this dance. When you walk on the street, you can see the most of young people who wear a ulster and a loose jeanswear, and you can see the some young people dance Hip-Hop on the street. There are a lot of professional dance groups of Hip-Hop in my country, and there are Hip-Hop dance match in my country.

When I studied in the uiversity, a new style of TV program was to be focused. That program called "super girl" and it wanted to select a best singer from the thousands uponthousands girls through the audience to vote by sending message. We all pay much attention to the TV show and each of them to be supported by a lot of fans. That TV show cause a new appearance fashion, many girls make up like "boys" because their idol dressed like boy in the TV show. Before I came America, a new city TV drama "struggle" was very popular in China. That drama talk about six young people struggle for their life after they graduate from the university and also there is love emotion between them. From that drama, a lot of actor's lines are very popular and we use them in our life. For example, one man says, "what'd you like to drink?". One woman says,"I drink coke". The man says again,"coke is expiration, do you still want to drink?". The woman says,"I should drink the coke with expiration as your ex-girlfriend". Fashion exsits in everywhere and it can influence a large of people.

Friday, March 20, 2009

China's flag

When i get this topic, i hesitate a few minutes. I think i have no much idea about my country's flag. Only one thing i know is that my country's flag stand for the revolution. By now, i find some information about national flag of my country.

My country's flag is very simple and it is red color and five yellow stars in the upper left corner of the flag. One of star which appears on the left is bigger than other four stars which hem that big star in on the right. The red color of the flag symbolizes revolution. The stars with yellow color are use for bringing out their brightness on the red ground. The biger star represnts the Communist Party of China, while the four stars stand for the works, farmers, petty bourgeois and democracy bourgeois separately. One corner of every small star faces to the large star's center. Their relationship between the stars means the great unity of the Chinese people under the leadership of the CPC.

The national flag's design is selected by Chair Mao from the over three thounsands flag design. He said this design about five-star flag represnts the chinese people to fight against war get together and strive to gain the peace. You know, before the 1949, the war was still exist in China. People need to hold together to fight. So, we choose the flag that can stand for the unity of the Chinese people. So, the five-star design can express this meaning and it is decided to be the national flag of China. In addition, The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress pass the flag law of People's Republic of China in 1990's. And this law carried out on October first, 1990.

Now, i exactly get the meaning of my country's flag. I know it's very important in China and people need to pay much attention to the flag because the flag is represents a country. So, raise a flag is a serious work in China. In capital beijing, the flagman usually is soldier and the time they raise flag must match the sunup time. It means if the sun up at 4:00, the flag must be raised at 4:00. So, raise the flag is a big deal.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Special time in CESL

Before I came to SIU, I didn't know what is cesl. I was curious about cesl and I thought it's just a small community that supply servies to help people learn english. Now, I study in cesl and I found cesl is a good organization. There are not only teach us english, but also hold a lot of activities to make us to learn the US culture. They strive to let us to feel like at home by many kinds of ways. When I Study in cesl, I make some friends who are from different coutries and learn the some different cultures. So, in cesl, I have a lot of happy time although sometimes I get tired for my study. The things I was impressed are American holidays such as Halloween holiday, thinksgiving and Christmas. You know, the Halloween is very specially for me because it's my first time to celebrate this holiday and I enjoy that time althouth I have heart this holiday in my hometown. On that day, I went to the cesl party with my friends and all of us dressed up. There were teachers and cesl students, and we saw the many cute kids on the party. We joined the game to carve pumpkin and got some candys. I had a good time on that day. Besides Halloween, I also have many other things for fun. In general, i have a hppay time in cesl.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009



Valdes-Dapena, Peter (2009, February 13). Auto parts makers ask for $25.5B in aid. Retrieved February 14, 2009, from


According to the author, auto parts suppliers are having a financial crisis and asking for financial assistance. At first, the author states that the auto parts suppliers have submitted a request for financial assistance, and they have organized a plan to distribute their financial fund. Then, the author argues that auto parts industries have gotten a the financial crisis and that results in the fact that most employees could lose their jobs. Finally, the author claims that groups hope the credit market is not tight and they try to gain the loans by getting Treasury and government guarantees. In conclusion, the author asserts that auto parts groups are trying to solve their economic problem by finding financial assistance.


From the article, I learned that the economic problem in the U.S. has been a big trouble in recent years. Almost all the kinds of companies faced the financial crisis, auto parts industry is just one kind of the companies. They want to get loans by using those “receivables” as guarantee. However, this method might be impossible, so the groups want to get Treasury and government guarantees to obtain loans. In my opinion, the auto parts suppliers are lucky, because they can ask for financial assistance and get loan guarantees from the Treasury and government at least. However, most companies can’t do that like them, because different companies have different abilities to solve their financial problems. Some big companies can fight against the economic crisis because of their abundant money and financial resources. Unfortunately, some small companies are unable to conduct this problem like big companies, because they usually have not enough finance to support them and they have more difficulty to get financial support from the finance institution like Treasury than the big companies. That is because it is common sense that big companies usually have better credit than small companies and it is a main resource to supply finance for government. So most small companies with weak finances are forced to go bankrupt, although a few big companies also have the same outcome. So, in this situation, small companies usually have difficulty to get through this trouble situation, many financers would like to support big companies. To sum up, I think that the small companies have a big difficulty to resolve their financial crisis.