Friday, April 24, 2009

why I choose my major

I showed interests in figure and calculation since very young. Due to my alert to figure, I usually won No.1 in math or calculation competition in the primary school. Also I often was able to calculate the correct payment faster than cashier when I went shopping with my mom. One time, I was eight years old. I went to the supermarket with my mom. We bought a lot of things, and when we were going to pay for the goods, I stand beside the mom and calculate the price of goods by myself. When the cashier didn’t complete to get total price, I have had answer. I told to the mom and mom was preparing the money to pay for. After the casher told her the price, my mother thought it was the same amount as I told her and she gave her cash at once. My mom found my good capability of accounting and often left some calculation jobs about family expense to me. Therefore, I became “a little accountant” of my mother. Because of my interest in calculation, I got an internship chance of working in the accounting department of my cousin’s company when I studied in the high school. It was the first time for me to access the formal accounting system, leading me has more interests in it. After graduation from the high school, I chose the accounting as my major without any hesitation when I enrolled in the university. I was appealed completely by the field of accounting. What is more important, I found that I really like the major of accounting very much and got good scores with A grades. Of course, there is another reason for my choice. Accounting is good for finding job in my country and a lot of companies being built as result in many companies need accountant. After studying, I found that accounting is not a simple calculation tool as I thought before. It actually includes a lot of complex information of managerial strategies although it related to calculate. For example, advanced accountants need to join in the group of the strategy decision and they assistant the manager to make decision. So, I learned that accounting is an efficient control tool involving very wide management fields, providing information for strategy decisions, company development and so on. Just based on above understanding, I decided to study further about accounting, causing me come to the SIU.

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  1. Mama's little accountant?! That's too cute!